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Manchester Girl Geeks provide a meeting place for girls and women who are interested in technology – but the tech community in Manchester has much more to offer than that!

We closely work with some of the groups and events below, have co-organised events, or just hang out at their meetings sometimes, ask questions, and steal their food. If something sounds interesting – please do not hesitate to go and check it our yourself! We actively promote integration of girls and women into the tech & science community.

  • MadLab – Manchester Digital Laboratory: The hosts of many Girl Geeks events, hub of Manchester’s geek community, and run by lovely people. Check out their busy events calendar and pop round for a cup of tea!
  • HACMan – Hac Manchester: Despite the name, HACMan is a group that’s open for everyone. If you’re into soldering irons, electrical circuits and general craziness, you’re definitely in the right place.
  • GeekUp: A trans-regional monthly meeting for professional techies (software devs, security people, general geeks…) – there’s talks and beer.
  • Manchester Omniversity: Not related to the university, but a great way to broaden your horizon and deepen your knowledge. MadLab’s Omniversity offers courses in web development, beginners’ classes in physical computing, film workshops, and other educational events at a low cost, run by experts!
  • Manchester Free Software: The MFS runs monthly talks and can often be found at other events to spread the free software philosophy, chat about issues surrounding free software, clarify things, or argue with you 😉 They have helped us out with several workshops, and we’re fairly regular guests at their events, such as the Software Freedom Days.
  • FabLab Manchester: A workshop in the city centre equipped with a laser cutter, CNC machine, vinyl cutter and other tools for free use. You will most likely spot someone from HACMan there.


Resources from Girl Geeks Summer Gaming Tea Party, 25th August 2013:

General resources:

… did we forget to mention something interesting here? Get in touch and we’ll add it!

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