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Following on from last year’s BarCamp at MMU, Manchester Girl Geeks are hosting another smaller BarCamp in 2015.

A BarCamp is an all-day interactive ‘unconference‘, where the talks are provided by attendees, and the programme isn’t known until the conference is under way! Think of it as a big, all-day Show & Tell event.

This year’s BarCamp will be taking place on Saturday, 30th May at AutoTrader, 1 First Street.

Typical topics at BarCamps include technology, science, mathematics, or anything else that’s geeky and fun. Share your knowledge, passion and enthusiasm with other like-minded nerdy types. As with all Manchester Girl Geeks events, male attendees are welcome.

The event will be free to attend, and refreshments will be provided. Bring your laptop, tablet, phone or other wi-fi enabled device, and anything you want to share – you can prepare slides, or talk about an object you’ve brought, or share your skills.


Release dates: We’ll be releasing tickets in batches. First wave of tickets: Monday 30th March at 9am. For future release dates please follow us on Twitter (@mcrgirlgeeks) or sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you updated!

Two-stage ticketing process for BarCamp:
[1] Please register your interest by getting a ticket from Fatsoma in the first instance.
[2] About 2 weeks prior to the event – all attendees will be sent an email requesting they re-confirm their tickets. Your ticket will only be secure after you have replied to this email.

This two-stage ticketing process is to help maximise attendance and make sure we order enough refreshments!

Tickets will be available on our Fatsoma page, from 30th March.


The talks will be scheduled at the start of the BarCamp – just turn up with an idea! We will have a big timetable where you can enter your preferred time slot for your presentation, and the timetable is likely to change throughout the day. The rules for the talks are:

  • The topic can be anything that you think might be interesting to an audience with an interest in science and technology.
  • The slots will be 25 minutes. Shorter talks are ok, too.
  • You can give more than 1 talk on the day.
  • It doesn’t need to be a talk – discussion rounds, hands-on tutorials and spontaneous ad-hoc presentations are actively encouraged!
  • We will have a projector and speakers on both floors, but please bring a laptop if you have slides. Talks without slides are great, too!

BarCamps are a great opportunity to share your knowledge, test out new ideas, present some tips and tricks you’ve found out, practice public speaking, or encourage a discussion on whichever topic you find relevant. Of course, you don’t have to give a talk at the BarCamp or prepare anything beforehand – just come along and be inspired.

Spread the word!

Tell your friends, work colleagues, Twitter followers about BarCamp 2014 and help us reach a wider audience. We’re using the cheeky hashtag #bracamp, and we’re on Twitter as @mcrgirlgeeks.

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