Girl Geeks event for August – Summer Gaming Tea Party!

Cakes and diceGirl Geeks Summer Gaming Tea Party

Girl Geek Tea Party for August – in association with Manchester GameJam
Sunday 25th August, 10am-5pm, Madlab, Edge Street

MadLab-logo-smallFor August, we’ll be having a drop-in summer fair at our favourite venue Madlab, with a games theme! We’re holding it in association with Mcr GameJam, who’ll be having a game-writing event upstairs while we fill the downstairs with Girl Geek Tea Party action. We’ll be there all day from 10am to 5pm, and we’ll have plenty of activities going on, so you’re welcome to join us for some or all of the day!

Activities include:

  • Game character sprite making using Hama beads – we’ll have designs for you to work from, or bring your own and make key rings, magnets, badges or coasters from plastic beads.
  • Board games to play – if you attended our recent board games tea party, you’ll know we had a large range of geeky games to play, and you’re welcome to try them out!
  • Computer games to play, including multiplayer Nintendo DS – bring yours if you have one, plus any multiplayer games you’d like to play with others. We have Tetris and Bomberman! If you don’t have a DS, you might be able to ask someone nicely and borrow one.
  • Cakes and biscuits, including a computer games themed bake-off – bring the most awesome game-themed bake as judged by our panel, with prizes to be won!
  • Lightning talks – we’d like you to come and tell us about your favourite computer game or board game. What’s the story, how does it play, and why do you like it? You can also show off games you’ve made yourself, as the GameJam attendees will be doing towards the end of the day. Talks will take place informally, as and when people want to give them, and we’ll have a laptop and projector if that’s useful.
  • Scratch programming – drop-in informal workshops, for anyone from complete beginners up, where you can spend a few minutes or as long as you like learning to write your own simple computer games using Scratch. Bring your laptop if you’d like to join in, or please get in touch if you don’t have one you can bring and we will see what we can do.

gamejamIf you’re more confident as a programmer, or want to make your own games (computer games or board games!) the GameJam are happy for you to have a go at making some along with them – they’ll be occupying some tables in the downstairs area, in addition to their own event upstairs. If you’d like to take part in the GameJam proper, which is running all weekend and will be on the top floor on Sunday, tickets are £5, and available on Eventbrite here. Manchester GameJam are taking part in the Ludum Dare international game development competition, details of which are available at

Our event will be free to attend and drop-in all day, so we’re not issuing tickets. If you’d like to join us, pop in to Madlab between 10am – 5pm on Sunday 25th August, and join us for a cup of tea and a bit of cake, and whatever else you’d like to do!

What to Bring (all optional!)

– Your laptop, if you’d like to learn Scratch with us or write your own computer games
– Your Nintendo DS, if you have one and would like to play multiplayer games
– Cakes/biscuits, if you’d like to bake some for our bake-off and win prizes!

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