GGTP #52: Hannah Fry


Click here to book your place – tickets £3

Sunday 14th June, The Shed, MMU

For June’s Girl Geek Tea Party, we’re getting a visit from mathematician and awesome human Hannah Fry, who is a lecturer in the Mathematics of Cities at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL.

She’ll be coming to give a talk about some cool maths (title: ‘Hidden Connections’), and hang around for Q&A, alongside our usual tea, coffee and cake-fest. We’ll be at MMU’s exciting digital innovation hub, The Shed (entrance on Chester Street), which is fully accessible.

As with all Manchester Girl Geeks events, male attendees are welcome.

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Girl Geek Friendly Event – BCS App-a-thon

App Workshop

Venue: SPACE Labs at The Landing, Blue, MediaCityUK

Time: Saturday 13th June 10:00 – 15:00

The BCS will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people learning to write Android smartphone applications at the same time and you can be part of it!

Individual and families with children over the age of 10 (or possibly a very IT-savvy younger child) are welcome to come and learn how to build Android apps using MIT AppInventor, which is a free, web-based system for creating simple apps using drag-and-drop coding techniques.

Using a mixture of talk, activities, and hands-on coding we will help you build some simple interactive applications that you run and install on your own Android phones or tablets. You will leave the day with apps you’ve built, and the software installed on your own laptop to play around with it once you get home.

More Details!

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Girl Geek Friendly Event – Code First:Girls

UX Workshop

Venue: Thoughtworks

Time: Sunday 19th April 10:00 – 16:00

Why aren’t there more women in tech and entrepreneurship? It’s a complex and multi-faceted issue, but at Code First: Girls they believe one thing – tech shouldn’t just be a boys club.

Elizabeth Chesters, from ThoughtWorks, will be running a UX workshop primarily aimed at women. They’ll be going through empathy mapping, creating personas, prototyping and user testing. You won’t need a laptop but don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a lecture, it will be a hands-on workshop. You’ll even get a free lunch!

Sign up here!

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Solar Eclipse 2015: How to Enjoy it!

We asked astrophysicist and all-round excellent human Jen Gupta to write about this month’s solar eclipse for our website. Read on to find out what an eclipse is, why they happen and how you can enjoy it safely on Friday 20th.

In the morning on Friday 20th March 2015 a partial solar eclipse will be visible from the UK. In Manchester the eclipse will start at 08:26 and finish at 10:41 with the maximum obscuration at 09:32. At this point, 90% of the Sun will be covered up and will look something like the image found here.

The timings of the eclipse and how much of the Sun gets covered up will be slightly different depending on where you are in the country. Where I work in Portsmouth, the maximum will happen four minutes earlier and only 85% of the Sun will be covered up. Go north to Edinburgh and the maximum obscuration will be 93% at 09:35. Of course realistically it won’t really look different wherever you are in the UK. To see the total solar eclipse, with the Sun completely obscured by the Moon, you’ll need to go way north, to the Faroe Islands or Svalbard.

Click here to see information about the eclipse in different locations

In this post we’re going to look at eclipses in more detail, including what an eclipse is, why they’re interesting, and, perhaps most importantly, how you can safely view March’s partial eclipse.

Continue reading

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GGTP #51: 3D printing with Fab Lab and MoSI

MGG Sticker 4 Apr 3D Printing Banner-02

Click here to book tickets: £4 including tram fare and refreshments

For our April Tea Party, we’ll be checking out the world of 3D Printing. Meeting at Fab Lab in New Islington, we’ll find out there how they use 3D printers to prototype and produce 3D printed objects. We’ll then jump on a tram over to the Museum of Science and Industry, where we’ll visit their “3D: Printing the Future” exhibit, before heading to their cafe for a cup of tea and some cake.

We’re meeting at Fab Lab to start at 2pm, then will go to MOSI and should be finished by 5pm at the latest (including time for tea and cake).

Your ticket cost includes:

  • a return tram ticket between New Islington and Deansgate Metrolink
  • refreshments in the cafe.

By default the tram ticket will be from New Islington to Deansgate and back, assuming you’re meeting us at New Islington – but if you’d prefer a return the other way, please buy a return ticket at Deansgate and we’ll reimburse you on arrival at Fab Lab. Please email us if you’re not sure. There is a car park outside Fab Lab which is pay and display, and is accessed from Old Mill Street.

We’ll be starting promptly at 2pm, and hoping to leave Fab Lab between 2.30pm and 3pm, so please make sure you’re on time! If you have any trouble getting there, please contact us ASAP by tweeting @mcrgirlgeeks, or emailing

Click here to book your place – tickets £4

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Girl Geek Friendly Event – Manchester Java Community

An evening with Ceylon

Venue: Madlab
Time: Wednesday Feb 11th

Ceylon is a new, modern, elegant programming language for the JVM and JavaScript VM, designed for team work. But it’s more than that, it is a full platform with modularity, an SDK, tools and IDEs.

The session will present Ceylon the language, the platform, and its ecosystem. You will see everything from starting a new project in the IDE to publishing it on Herd, the module repository, including using the SDK. We will also discuss the ongoing Ceylon projects such as the build system, Vert.x integration or Cayla, the new web framework.

Ceylon’s unique static type system enables, and sometimes even requires, a different approach to some kinds of programming problems. In this session, they will also introduce the type system by presenting a series of simple examples, exhibiting common idioms in the language.



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International Women’s Day: Making IT Happen for Women

Making IT Happen

This event is sponsored by:

Eveolution - Business Growth Hub

Click here to book tickets – only £5 including lunch!

‘Making IT Happen for Women’ focuses on the tech business and inspiring future generations to aim higher by seeing and hearing other women talking about their experience.

If you are aspiring to join tech, an IT professional in business or academia wanting to aim higher, or simply interested in finding out more about why there are so few women in tech then this is the event for you.

Award winning, inspirational speakers lead this event with plenty of opportunity for discussion and networking.

Gender diversity still poses a major challenge in the IT industry, with women making up less than 20 per cent of the IT workforce and the number in senior positions remaining stubbornly low[1]. How can we #MakeItHappen?

How can we get more women into senior positions? How can we encourage talented women and girls to consider IT as a serious career option alongside Medicine or Law?

At this event we will explore the power of networks in enabling women to play an equal part in the IT workplace. We seek to raise awareness among women and girls of networks within the community and within companies such as the BCS and Deloitte and to ask questions about how they work and what successes have been achieved.

Some are skeptical about women-only networks saying these groups are often used “more to placate women than to promote them” or express doubt that women’s networking groups “can help a young woman break into the boy’s club.”

The number of women in key roles in the technology industry has remained roughly unchanged for 10 years, according to a recent Gartner report. Will it remain the same for the next 10 years? How can we make IT happen for women?

In the tradition of Manchester Girl Geeks, this event will be fun and highly interactive including debate, flash talks and panel sessions.

Come along and share your experiences, be inspired!

Speakers include:

Gillian Arnold, Chair of British Computer Society’s Womens Network and Director of IT Services and Recruitment Company Tectre Ltd. Winner of the 2012 Everywoman Inspiration of the year award in 2012, GEM Tech Award for BCSWomen in 2014 an co-author of Women in IT: Inspiring the Next Generation

Louise Nickson, Senior Manager, Consulting, Deloitte MCS Ltd and leading member of the Deloitte Women in Technology Network

Rana Tassabehji, Senior Lecturer, Bradford School of Management and leading researcher on the project ‘Technology and Tiaras’, a cross country investigation into what facilitates women working in the technology sector and how gender influences technology innovation.

Click here to book tickets – only £5 including lunch!

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Girl Geek Friendly Event – UX Conference

Talk UX

Venue: Manchester Town Hall
Time: Thursday 5th March 2015

Talk UX is a UX conference unlike any other. They aim to create an open space to meet, learn and collaborate within UX. They want to change the way conferences are run and held, with a more personal experience. Over the course of the day you will examine the different areas that make up a UX role, from research to data schema they want to highlight the breadth of knowledge in our area, and the fantastic work that is being done.


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Event review: Girl Geeks Tea Party #48 – Show & Tell

One of the great things about Manchester Girl Geek show and tell sessions is you never know quite what you’ll get until the day. The diversity of topics covered means that you can always come along confident that you will learn something new, be entertained, and hopefully inspired by what you hear and see.

Emily Hopkins (@emilylovedhim) was the organiser of January’s event and pulled together a brilliant bunch of speakers and also talked about Joan Clarke* – a code-breaker and colleague of Alan Turing at Bletchley Park whose character was included in the 2014 film release The Imitation Game.

*Joan Clarke’s Wikipedia page was started by another Girl Geek, Karen Pudner (@kpudner).

Katie (@stecks) brought along her new robot toy MiP™ AKA Nicholas Lyndhurst and demo-ed how you could use a smartphone as a remote control…

And then set Nicholas Lyndhurst off to bust some moves…

More fabulous talks were given by…

Elaine (@stem_maths) – EU Scientix project (@scientix_eu)
James – Machine learning with Microsoft Azure
Claire Dodd (@GirlGeekUpNorth) – Mentoring adults learning to code @CodeUpMCR
Rachel Moat (@rachelmoat) – Using music and electronics to help children with communication difficulties.
Natalie – Disaster relief learnings

Our next event is Comedy In Space on Sunday 25th February, 2-4pm at MadLab.

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Upcoming event: Girl Geek Tea Party #49 – Comedy in Space!

Sunday, 22nd February 2015 from 14:00 to 16:00

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Arts (Jasmine Suite), 13 Thomas Street, M4 1EU [Map]

Tickets at the bargain price of £5 (includes tea and cake) – get yours here.

We’re very pleased to announce that for our February Girl Geek Tea Party, and to celebrate the upcoming solar eclipse, we have a space-themed event:


Confirmed space geek Chella Quint hosts an afternoon celebrating the funny women of space in this touring show. This line up of award-winning comedians, poets, actors and scientists will be cosmic, intergalactic and out of this world. Expect laughter and astrophysics in equal measure, plus all the flying saucers you can eat!

Chella Quint, our compere, is a Sheffield-based comedian, education researcher, designer and science communicator who is originally from Brooklyn, New York. She started up Comedy in Space! to showcase women being funny and promoting STEM all at the same time. She regularly performs at Science Showoff and she hosted a comedy show live from CERN for their 60th anniversary celebrations!

Chella moonlights as an amateur astronomer and her favourite nebula is the Horse Head Nebula, and her favorite exoplanet is Keplar 22B. She owns a space onesie and is not afraid to wear it in public. (@chellaquint)

Steph Kerr is an environmental chemist and science communicator. She enjoys making science-themed playlists and previously hosted the Science Brainwaves radio show. She currently hosts SciCommPi(e) meet ups, is a Sheffield ScienceGrrl, and was a finalist in the Sheffield Famelab heats. Her favourite constellation is Orion and she really wants to see the Aurora Borealis. (@stephkerr)

Sarah Thomasin is a comic performance poet living in Sheffield who has been published in Now Then Magazine and in two English PEN collections, and has been commissioned to write science and sex education poems in three different countries. She is the Off the Shelf Festival Poetry Slam Winner 2010. Every year between 14 March and 21 June she writes 100 poems. Her favourite topics to write about are science fiction, science fact, and current events. (@wordgeeksarah)

Kate McCabe is an American comic and improviser. She works with ComedySportz Manchester (helping to bring fun to all the families) and also runs a comedy showcase for nerds called Sidekick Comedy in Manchester’s village. Her favourite non-powered superhero is Batman. Her favourite powered superhero is Nightcrawler. Her favourite space-based superhero is Groot. She likes looking at stars and finds the concept of outer space generally overwhelming. (@katemccabesays)

Carly Tarett is an actor, a writer / performer and improviser with ComedySportz Manchester. She loves space, but used to get told off in English class for staring into its mysterious depths. She has performed her work from Canada to the West End with her three shows to date: Princess Dee, Sinful, and Life. Catch her newest show ‘Time’ on the 11th March at the Oldham Coliseum as part of their ‘First Break’ new writing festival. (@carlytarett)

Katie Steckles is a mathematician who got a book about space for Christmas. She works as a maths communicator, telling people about maths in schools, theatres, comedy clubs and at science festivals, as well as through various blogs, podcasts and maths toy shops. She enjoys mucking about with computers and knitting mathematical objects. (@stecks)

We’ll also have our usual tea / coffee and cake on the side – plus flying saucer sweets – so if you feel like baking something spacey to bring along please do (please make a note of any earth-based allergens)! Deely boppers with planets on the end optional.

NOTE: This event is usually run as an adult comedy evening, but we’ve asked the performers to make it suitable for an audience aged 12+, since it’s during the day. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Tickets at the bargain price of £5 (includes tea and cake) – get yours here.

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